Hi wandering wander!

I am Ehrlich Ocampo, also known as Firechill. I am one of the forerunners in the art of the leviwand. I am a performer with many props, but the leviwand is the one that resonates with me the most.

This website is a way for me to share and give back to the community that has inspired and encouraged me with my leviwand practice. I would love to think that this is the website I wish I found when I was just starting out with the leviwand.

Hopefully, your journey with the leviwand – whether you’re just beginning or a few years into it already – will be so much richer with the help of LeviwandDance.com.

If you have comments, suggestions or feedback, do let me know with the contact form below. Feel free to contact me also for collaborations or projects.

Much Happiness,

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